plastic pins for borders

In the production of the garden boarders, we were guided by the gardener and the pavers who worked on their daily assembly. We introduced special hollows on the horizontal line to facilitate the incision of the board, thus raising their usefulness. We have also paid special attention to the powerful system of joining the board to prevent dislocation after landfill, bark, etc.The board we produce are in two heights h45 and h58. In the sale we have anchor attachments that were created to avoid reversing effect.


Border h45
Height: 45mm (4,5 cm)

Width: 75mm (7,5 cm)

Length: 1000mm (1mb)

Colour: black

Border h58

Height: 58mm (5,8 cm)

Width: 75mm (7,5cm)

Length: 1000mm (1mb)

Colour: black

Border h78

Height: 78mm (7,8 cm)
Width: 75mm (7,5cm)
Length: 1000mm (1mb)
Colour: black


Plastic pin for borders

Length: 0,19cm

made of plastic increased hardness

and resistant

form „X”

sharp cone-shaped end


Plastic pins for agrotkanin

12,5 i 15 cm
length: 12,5/15 cm
made of plastic with increased hardness
and durability
the end of a sharp cone
,,hooks” on all length


Plastic pin for drip line 15 cm

plastic pin
length: 15 cm
fits on wires fi 16 and fi 20
the arrangement of ,,hooks” and special
tabs ensure perfect anchoring in the ground



Also in sale:
  • agrotextile and agrotextile
  • awn grates
  • mesh for moles
  • shading mesh
  • dropping lines
  • anchors for pvc agrotextile and metal


Our offer is especcially for garden shops, wholesalers, garden and paver companies which buy wholesale quantities. Individual Clients we invite to our distributors. If you will have a problem to find them, please send us a message,when we will direct you to your neearest distributor

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